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Trail Cupcake Giveaway Day

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Adam and I spent day 5 of our bike tour giving cupcakes to touring cyclists we met on the trail. Two boxes of cupcakes were originally given to us by our friends, with the condition that we give them to others and take photos of the happy riders.

First two cupcakes were given to Will and Matt, two riders we met in Meyersdale. Had a nice breakfast with them as well – they said second breakfast, as the cupcakes were their first breakfast.

Cupcakes and new friends

This gentleman was headed to Gettysburg to meet up with a redhead. That’s how he described it, and that’s all we know. Hope the cupcake helped get you there.

Cupcakes on the trail

These two were riding from Pittsburgh and happily accepted as well.

From Pittsburgh, with cupcakes

And this 70-year old man was riding Pittsburgh to DC solo so he could ride at his own pace. He said he was inspired to do the ride after seeing a bunch of crazy people “like yourselves” riding their bikes the whole way.

Are we crazy?

Then, of course, we made sure to each enjoy a cupcake ourselves. And some Trail Town ice cream cones.

Cupcake Adam

Written by Crystal Bae

May 29th, 2013 at 1:49 pm

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