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Chicago’s neighborhoods and skyscrapers

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We took a little break from work and spent a few days in Chicago this past Labor Day weekend. My second time in the city was a new look at the skyscraper-filled Midwestern city on Lake Michigan.

My first visit, in 2007 for Pitchfork Music Fest, was a short roadtrip from DC. I stayed in a downtown Chicago hostel in a room with ten (!) people, listened to Sonic Youth, GZA, and others play great sets in the park, took a very informative walking tour of the city, and tried deep dish pizza for the first time at Pizzeria Uno.

Chicago skyline at brunch

This visit, 7 years later, I tried an AirBnB rental for the first time and loved it, attended the incredible blowout wedding of two good friends, explored the “finally up-and-coming” Logan Square neighborhood, took an equally informative river boat tour of Chicago architecture, and had deep dish at Lou Malnati’s.

And the first time I was in Chicago I had no idea that in the 19th century, the city (buildings and all!) had been raised and that the original flow of the river had been reversed, both for water sanitation reasons. Knowing this gave me renewed respect for Chicago’s history and its incredible feats of engineering, not to mention its architectural heritage.

Chicago river boat tour of architecture

We were sad to leave Chicago and city life behind, but glad to leave the humidity. Southern California living makes you soft.

Written by Crystal Bae

September 3rd, 2014 at 8:40 pm

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  1. I have never been to Chicago and your pictures make it all the more important that I visit.

    Also, you tried an AirBnB. You’ve gotta share your experience! I’m not sure I would ever try it… but am sorta open to it. Glad you had such a wonderful trip!


    7 Sep 14 at 7:42 pm

  2. I really enjoyed our first AirBnB stay. If you choose your host well (based on reviews and general impression you get), it’ll hopefully be a smooth experience.

    You would really love Chicago! But friends that live / have lived there tell us not to get too attached to the city until we’ve visited in the winter, too. 😉

    Crystal Bae

    9 Sep 14 at 5:20 pm

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