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Cross-Country Bike Tour

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I first discovered bike touring through friends in the Washington, DC bike community. Over Friday morning conversation and coffees, on long weekend bike rides, and discussions both online and offline, I’ve experienced the truly inspiring growth of bicycling in DC. I met a variety of people who took bike tours that sounded incredible, whether a weekend trip or longer form travel: scenic, free form, all the best parts of bike riding rolled into one.

Winter Riding in DC

This summer, Adam and I are leaving our known world in search of something new. So far our lives have played out on the east coast, and we’re excited to see what gets people excited about where they live in all the places we travel through. Our preconceptions of the places we don’t know are shaped by what we’ve read about it, what we’ve heard from friends who once lived there (or just visited), what we watch in movies. It’s time to discover what’s real and take the time to see the places in-between.

On our bike tour, we will live on a budget and practice cooking affordable one-pot meals, navigate America’s roadways and trails, camp in new environments with their own challenges, meet people from different places and learn how they live. We’ll find our way using paper and electronic maps, make time to write and read and take photos, and interview people along the way.

The sort of questions we want to ask those we meet: Where do you live? What circumstances brought you here? What do you like most about life here? Least? Why do people visit your town/city? I’m sure it will evolve throughout the course of the trip, but our guiding mission is to find the tales behind people’s migrations. Along the way, we’ll be making our own migration.

Route Map (Preview)

Full route map that you can browse and zoom on is here: Route Map

First leg of our tour

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May 2nd, 2013 at 9:05 pm

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