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Boulder, CO and nearby

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Boulder, CO: The land of hiking, cycling, and beer-drinking.

You can see the Flatirons and the Rockies beyond that, and who doesn’t love being surrounded by mountains? Boulder folks are some of the most active people in America. And here it’s sunny around 300 days out of the year, making it very easy to be outdoors all the time. Residents are fairly affluent – except I guess the college students – and tend to be very liberal, so there’s a fair amount of homogeneity. But the food is great, the beer is great (with breweries like New Belgium, Oskar Blues, and Avery all based nearby), and the options for what to do are nearly endless. Great first visit there.

Riding Boulder's B-cycle bikeshare along the Boulder Creek Path.

Riding Boulder’s B-cycle bikeshare along the Boulder Creek Path.

We tried out Boulder’s own bikesharing system, the B-cycle, for a casual ride to explore the area. You can feel the effects of the elevation almost immediately – we’re not used to being 5,000 feet high! Considering we’re typically just above sea level, the elevation change took a little getting used to.

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Written by Crystal Bae

May 11th, 2012 at 6:08 am

Cycling and Second Week of Bikeshare

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My second week of using Capital Bikeshare was good – I put a bit more mileage on than the last week. I rode 17 miles on the Bikeshare bicycles and about 15 miles on my own bike, but I’m looking to increase my time riding because I’m in training for the Bike MS charity ride in June. I set my goal for Bike MS at 55 miles on Saturday and 50 miles on Sunday, which is more than I’ve ever done on any given day. It’ll be a good challenge for me and I plan to push myself to go on longer rides leading up to the event.

I’m lucky to have a very knowledgeable friend teaching me the ins and outs of road cycling, and I’ve also been learning about bike maintenance and repair (“wrenching”) by just reading and practicing on my own. It’s exciting diving into this new world – though I’ve had a bicycle since I was a child, I never knew much about upkeep or riding position and didn’t think much of it. My boyfriend tells me the bicycle is a simple machine, and really, it is. Putting a little time into learning about how to fix up a bicycle on your own pays off.

Velocity Bicycle Cooperative in Del Ray, Alexandria

I stopped in at the Velocity Bicycle Cooperative in Del Ray, Alexandria last week and I think it’ll be a great space for the neighborhood. They offer shop space for you to work on your bike using their tools, for a small donation. There are also volunteers on-hand to assist, though you are expected to work on your own bicycle. It’s not near enough to me that I could see myself going regularly, but there’s a similar co-op in DC called The Bike House. The Bike House is now at the Annie’s Ace hardware store in Petworth on Saturdays, which is a new hardware store run by very helpful people. And once the Bloomingdale Farmers Market is back in season, The Bike House will be there on Sundays. I’m looking forward to checking that out. In the meantime, lots of riding!

Written by Crystal Bae

March 25th, 2012 at 6:56 pm